Applying Fragrances

There are a ton of myths about how and why fragrances are applied the way they are. Applying perfumes or colognes is usually done in private so we don't often get to see how others apply them. In the past few years of working with perfumes I have had a number of people bring up the same questions so I figured that I could talk about them quickly. Firstly like most other things it comes down to personal preference. I love how personal ritual can make a small act feel important. If you have a way of applying perfume that you swear by, do it that way.


Location- Most people apply perfumes to neck and wrists or "pulse points". These are points on the body that tend to be both exposed and a little warmer than other parts of the body. The heat from the body gently evaporates the aromatic material allowing it to defuse around you. The same is true for our coconut oil roll ons.

Perfume on clothes- Depending the chemical make up of your skin and how dry it is affects the longevity and scent of a perfume. Some peoples skin naturally bring out sweeter smells while others pull out spicier notes. To avoid this some people apply perfumes to their clothing.  It is important to watch out for staining, spray or roll on is inconspicuous areas and test first.

Skin- The skin is the medium that perfume acts upon. As noted above the composition of a persons skin affects how the perfume expresses itself. The biggest thing for longevity and getting the most out of an application of scent is how dry the skin is. The drier ones skin the less time perfume lasts. To help perfume last longer try moisturizing the area it is to be applied with an unscented moisturizer. This can be a cream or even coconut oil. Our roll ons fragrances are blended into pure liquid coconut oil which helps to moisturize the skin as it is worn, bonus!

I am a big fan of personal ritual, doing something in a way that signifies a change. Perfume allows people to affect the sense that is mankind's most guttural, our scent. Applying a fragrance is not only like adding a final invisible layer of a wardrobe, it affects how others react to you physically.

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